Get Involved

“Being a Jew means affirming the eternity of the Jewish people” (Eli Wiesel).

The centrality of Israel in Jewish life is the primary most important factor in Jewish giving. Jews everywhere have a common responsibility to build the Jewish Nation and address urgent Jewish needs throughout the world.

Committed to Jewish pluralism, UIA and the Jewish Agency believe that diversity promoted Jewish identify. The work of the UIA benefits all streams of Judaism.

UIA essentially raises funds to support the core budget of the Jewish Agency for Israel. UIA Victoria is divided into targeted sub-appeals including inter alia the Women’s Division and Young Leadership, which together with their Executives, run a variety of fundraising initiatives such as events, direct mail campaigns, face-to-face canvassing, phone appeals and other incentives to generate funds from the Melbourne Jewish Community.

There are many opportunities for getting involved and supporting our work, some of which include:

  • Direct Donations
  • Donate in Celebration of a milestone event i.e. in lieu of gifts for a Bar/BatMitzvah
  • Donate in Memory
  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Events
  • Volunteering

Here is your opportunity to affirm the future of the State of Israel.

Our Mission Statement:

Keren Hayesod- United Israel Appeal, through a partnership between Israel and Diaspora communities, mobilises support for Israel and the rescue of Jews in distress.

By encouraging and assisting in Aliyah and absorption, Keren Hayesod saves Jewish lives, strengthens Jewish identity, fortifies the fabric of Israeli society and reinforces solidarity within the Jewish people.