Keren Hayesod Jerusalem

Our headquarters are based in Jerusalem, where United Israel Appeal is known as Keren Hayesod.

Today, in partnership with the global Jewish community, and in close coordination with the Prime Minister of Israel office and the Jewish Agency, Keren Hayesod, a non-profit corporation, continues to work to further the national priorities of the State of Israel and the World Jewry.

Keren Hayesod has continued to grow and expand; today as the lynchpin of a global, Israel-centered partnership, it operates over 60 campaigns in more than 40 countries around the world. Many of these campaigns enjoy active Women’s Divisions and Young Leadership campaigns. In addition to fundraising through annual donations, donors also have the option of “planned giving” through Legacy donations and endowment fund gifts.

After more than ninety years, Keren Hayesod has turned vision into a flourishing reality. With the help of outstanding lay leaders, Keren Hayesod continues to act as a unique network that connects Jewish communities on five continents and serves as a bridge between them and their ancestral homeland.

Our Mission Statement:

Keren Hayesod- United Israel Appeal, through a partnership between Israel and Diaspora communities, mobilises support for Israel and the rescue of Jews in distress.

By encouraging and assisting in Aliyah and absorption, Keren Hayesod saves Jewish lives, strengthens Jewish identity, fortifies the fabric of Israeli society and reinforces solidarity within the Jewish people.