Pins of Recognition

The Lev Chai Pin

The Lev Chai pin is a symbol of pride, solidarity and identity worn by Jewish women who are committed to the goals of the International Keren Hayesod Women’s Division.

The six pointed Magen David, featured on the pin symbolises the relationship between the Jewish people and God. One triangle points upward, indicating God and the other downward, symbolizing God’s approach to earth. This Magen David is intertwined with three hearts – representing a loving heart, a giving heart and a Jewish heart – linking the State of Israel with Jewish women around the world.


The Lion of Judah

The Lion of Judah is a symbol of our peoples’ strength and determination, representing ones personal responsibility for the humanitarian needs of Israel and its people. The pin is proudly worn by women worldwide reaffirming the belief that individual giving is a privilege  and a responsibility.For more information, contact the UIA office.

Our Mission Statement:

Keren Hayesod- United Israel Appeal, through a partnership between Israel and Diaspora communities, mobilises support for Israel and the rescue of Jews in distress.

By encouraging and assisting in Aliyah and absorption, Keren Hayesod saves Jewish lives, strengthens Jewish identity, fortifies the fabric of Israeli society and reinforces solidarity within the Jewish people.