Main Appeal

The Main Appeal Division forms the core fundraising arm of the United Israel Appeal and is divided into sub-groups; AMI, Hatikvah, Landsmanschaften, Jews of the Former Soviet Union (JFSU) and the Progressive Judaism Victoria Inc. (PJV).

The AMI group comprises donors who contribute between $250 and $17,999 annual to the appeal. The group is divided into three geographic areas of Melbourne for the purposes of allocating canvassers; Caulfield, Toorak and North Eastern.

The Victorian campaign recognizes Major Donors as those who contribute $18,000 or more. Every year, the Victorian campaign holds a cocktail event with a special Israel Guest Speaker as a thank you to our Major Donors. Additionally, Major Donor missions to Israel are arranged intermittently, and these provide special access to defense sites, high-level Government representatives, and other privileged visits, in recognition of the generosity and commitment of this group of donors.

After World War 2, when waves of Jewish immigrants were arriving in Melbourne, many “landsmanschaften” or groupings of people who originated in the same town or region of Europe were established and in the case of the United Israel Appeal and other charities, they supported causes very close to their hearts. This group is an important aspect of the Victorian campaign, connecting it with the remaining holocaust survivors in this community.

Jews of the Former Soviet Union (JFSU)-
Every year, a small but hardworking group of Russian-speaking volunteers canvasses members of their community, who have been immigrants to Australia, but who have strong ties to the State of Israel. This campaign is most important in helping to connect these donors not only to Israel, but also to the Jewish community here in Melbourne.

Progressive Judaism Victoria Inc. (PJV)
This group raises funds from members of the Union who attend Progressive congregations in Melbourne. Funds raised through this group are conveyed through the progressive trust to special Progressive projects in Israel. These projects are all screened and examined to ensure that they comply with UIA’s requirement that end recipients in Israel are immigrants or refugees.

Our Mission Statement:

Keren Hayesod- United Israel Appeal, through a partnership between Israel and Diaspora communities, mobilises support for Israel and the rescue of Jews in distress.

By encouraging and assisting in Aliyah and absorption, Keren Hayesod saves Jewish lives, strengthens Jewish identity, fortifies the fabric of Israeli society and reinforces solidarity within the Jewish people.